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  • The Thomas & Friends fourteenth season aired during November, December 2010 in the UK and between October and December 2010 and January 2011 in the US. It had a total of 20 episodes.


  • Thomas' Tall Friend
  • James in the Dark
  • Jitters and Japes
  • Being Percy
  • Thomas in Charge
  • Thomas and the Snowman Party
  • Pingy Pongy Pick Up
  • Diesel's Special Delivery
  • Victor Says Yes
  • Thomas' Crazy Day
  • Merry Misty Island
  • Oh the Indignity
  • Pop Goes Thomas
  • Thomas and Scruff
  • Henry's Magic Box
  • Jumping Jobi Wood!
  • Merry Winter Wish
  • Henry's Health and Safety
  • Charlie and Eddie
  • Toby and the Whistling Woods

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